'Amplexum' means to embrace, cherish & esteem. Our counselling services aim to do just that: to help you esteem yourself, cherish your relationships & embrace your life.


Everyone is welcome. We create a safe space for counselling where you can feel at home.


We are qualified counsellors, registered with the BACP & other counselling qualification bodies.


We are able to offer counselling in a number of languages, including Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and basic-level Pashtu.

What Clients Say

We are always delighted to hear what a tremendous impact counselling has on the lives and wellbeing of our clients.
woman hugging herself

"Always insightful."

Counselling with Sahebene, 2021

"I have learnt so much about myself, life and other aspects. Every session was always insightful, and I will continue to learn and apply to my life."

woman with arms in air

"A massive change in my life"

Counselling with Raj, 2021

"Since receiving sessions from Raj I have noticed a massive change in my life... I couldn't recommend her enough to those seeking support."


"I felt alive."

Counselling with Sahebene, 2020

"Each session with my counsellor opens the door for healing, I felt alive after every session."

holding hands

"My mindset is strong"

Counselling with Raj, 2020

"Raj helped me realise that every emotion I was feeling was a product of my mind's perception... I am much more able to understand and deal with life."

henna hands

"I felt empowered."

Counselling with Sahebene, 2019

"The politeness and the comfort levels of my counsellor was greatly appreciated, she put me at ease and I instantly felt empowered."

heart from hands


Counselling with Raj, 2019

"Over 4 sessions with Raj my life has been transformed. She has given me a number of ways of looking at my life in order to move forward."

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