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“A massive change in my life.”

Therapy was a practice I didn’t really have much faith in and didn’t see as useful for many years. However, since receiving sessions from Raj I have noticed a massive change in my life. Needless to say my opinions on counselling and mental health have changed. I know now I can come back to Raj when I need it and couldn’t  recommend her enough to those seeking support.

Counselling with Raj, 2021

“Unconditional positive regard.”

I had my doubts and fear toward the idea of speaking about my inner concerns and secret pain with a person I’d never met. The way I saw my choices were these two, I continue to suffer emotionally and in isolation or I reach out. I am fortunate to say I reached out. The person who listened & guided me through the sessions represents a high standard of unconditional positive regard. I feel a great deal of freedom and liberation from the mental prison I was in. I found that a complete stranger was the best person to guide me out of my despair.

Counselling with Sahebene, 2021

“Listened to and challenged”

Allowing me to see things from a different perspective and always giving me the ability to see the positives in a negative. Felt listened to and challenged when needed.

Counselling with Sahebene, 2021

“Always insightful.”

I have learnt so much about myself, life, and other aspects. Every session was always insightful, and I will continue to learn and apply to my life. By understanding anxiety, I now get the reasons as to why I feel that emotion and not be so negative but rather compassionate and to challenge it

Counselling with Sahebene, 2021

“It empowered me”

The sessions were so insightful – always learnt something new every session. It empowered me to grow and step outside my comfort zone.

Counselling with Sahebene, 2021

“My mindset is strong.”

I started my counselling with Raj at a very turbulent time in my life. But when I met Raj it was like God had sent an angel to aid me in my struggles. We started counselling and worked on various methods of counselling from CBT to general talking therapy. Raj, through these methods, helped me realise that every emotion I was feeling was a product of my mind’s perception. Although certain things in my life are not great, my mindset is strong and I am much more able to understand, reflect and deal with life in a more positive and constructive manner. I would honestly recommend Raj, she is one of the reasons I am still breathing today

Counselling with Raj, 2020

“Mentally and physically lighter.”

My counsellor has helped me tremendously and has enabled me to work through a lot. Felt the counsellor gave no judgement, which gave me the freedom to talk and after the sessions felt mentally and physically lighter. At the end of the sessions, I felt focused and knew what I need to do to move forward.

Counselling with Sahebene, 2020

“A great learning curve.”

The counsellor has been amazing and has given me several strategies to deal with my trauma. A great learning curve, it was a journey that was necessary. The counsellor was always present in such a difficult time.

Counselling with Sahebene, 2020

“I felt alive.”

Each session with my counsellor opens the door for healing, I felt alive after every session. I have learnt tools and techniques that I use every day, I have had the best Counsellor ever. I never knew what counselling was, now I wish everyone could have a counsellor like Sahebene.

Counselling with Sahebene, 2020


Over 4 sessions with Raj my life has been transformed. She has given me a number of ways of looking at my life in order to move forward. I have listened and acted on her advice. I have now started a new road journey with the tools she has given me, with the option of using roadside assistance phone boxes if and when needed. I’d definitely recommend Raj as a counsellor and will contact her again if I need too.

Counselling with Raj, 2019

“Helped resolve past traumas.”

Sahebene has helped me manage my PTSD, anxiety, anger and helped resolve past traumas. Always felt positive at the end and gave emotional and human connection. She has a genuine passion to help others and I felt this, never felt rushed to end the sessions, felt listened to which I have not experienced before.  She has excellent knowledge in theory and always found ways to connect them to me. after the many counsellors I have had, she is literally the best.

Counselling with Sahebene, 2019

“Greatly appreciated.”

Sometimes we bottle things up and it affects us internally; however, with my counsellor, I was able to express what I needed to. The politeness and the comfort levels of my counsellor was greatly appreciated, she put me at ease and I instantly felt empowered

Counselling with Sahebene, 2019


Raj is really understanding and non-judgemental and really works with you to try to identify the root of anxiety. She has many different strategies to try and really works with you to try and implement them. She incorporates counselling and CBT together which is really helpful and this is why I have returned. Definitely recommend her.

Counselling with Raj, 2018

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